Kyary Pamyu Pamyu makes a jump from Japan to the world to perform the concert on her first scheduled solo tour. The tour, taking Belgium for its starting country, continue on to France and many countries in Europe, North America and Asia(including Japan). The locations are expected to include 20 performances in 10 countries.

2013.2.9 : BELGIUM:BRUSSELS @Vk* concerts 2013.2.10 : FRANCE:PARIS @La Cigale 2013.2.11 : UK:LONDON @VK-CONCERTS 2013.3.2 : JAPAN:FUKUOKA @ZEPP FUKUOKA 2013.3.3 : JAPAN:FUKUOKA @ZEPP FUKUOKA 2013.3.10 : KOREA:SEOUL @UNIQLO-AXS 2013.3.15 : TAIWAN:TAIPEI @LEGACY TAIPEI 2013.3.15 : HONG KONG:KOWLOON BAY @E-MAX Music Zone 2013.3.25 : JAPAN:TOKYO @ZEPP TOKYO 2013.3.26 : JAPAN:TOKYO @ZEPP TOKYO 2013.3.28 : JAPAN:OSAKA @ZEPP NAMBA 2013.3.29 : JAPAN:OSAKA @ZEPP NAMBA 2013.3.28-31 : JAPAN:HOKKAIDO @ZEPP SAPPORO 2013.4.4 : JAPAN:AICHI @ZEPP NAGOYA 2013.4.5 : JAPAN:AICHI @ZEPP NAGOYA 2013.4.12 : USA:LOS ANGELES @Club Nokia LA Live 2013.4.14 : USA:NEY YORK @Best Buy Theater


















** info **
The live public performance in Singapore was added on May 10, 2013. ( 3/12 update)

Let us begin by saying that we appreciate your support of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Nevertheless, the concert scheduled for March 10 was cancelled. Allow us to offer an apology for the anxiety caused. It is only regrettable that the conclusion has not live up to your expectations.

Regarding the performance in London, we have decided to release the extra tickets. The release time and date : 9 am on February 6th 2013 on London Time. (0 am on Japan Time)

** Apology for the error **
In the TIME on Belugium we announced to you on this page. The RIGHT OPEN time is 17:00, NOT 18:00. The RIGHT START time is 18:00, NOT 19:00. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

- Japanese ticket agencies do not accept for overseas tickets order.
In order to buy the overseas tickets, you must order in their respective countries' ticket agencies.
- In Japan, children under the age of 4 are not allowed to enter from a safety perspective.
- In Japan, the second balcony seats reservations are intended for use only by women and kids in elementary school.
- In every country, please abide by the regulation made under each site to maximize your enjoyment of the concert.