Now is a great time to join KPP CLUB!

Now is a great time to join KPP CLUB!


Thanks to everyone, it’s been almost a year since Kyary’s official fan club「KPP CLUB」was established.
If you join 「KPP CLUB」by the end of March, it will come with some special benefits! Don’t miss out this chance!

【1】You can purchase pre-sale tickets for Kyary’s shows earlier than anyone else!
Please purchase tickets through the KPP CLUB.
Click this hyperlink for more info→

【2】A gorgeous “Booklet for KPP CLUB Members vol.1” will be delivered to you!
The booklet is all about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
What’s written in the booklet? … You will find out when you get it! Please join KPP CLUB within March to be eligible for this.

【3】KPP CLUB presents「Pamyurin Pins Collection」
We have produced a large variety of badges with Pamyurin (Kyary’s double).
She dresses up in many different outfits! She sometimes borrows Kyary’s clothes… and comes to see her show!
These badges are highly collectable! And some of them are available only to KPP CLUB members. This is a great chance to collect all badges!

【Check KPP CLUB Out Now!】

Now is a great time to join KPP CLUB!