11th Single「Crazy Party night -Pumpkins Strike Back-」Limited Edition

2015.9.2 Release!!
Limited Edition(CD&DVD)WPZL-31085/6 ¥2,000+tax

■Track List
M1. Crazy Party Night -Pumpkins Strike Back-
M2. No No No
M3. Oshiete Dance Floor
M4. Kimama
M5. Crazy Party Night -Pumpkins Strike Back- -instrumental-
M6. No No No -instrumental-
M7. Oshiete Dance Floor -instrumental-
M8. Kimama -instrumental-

[DISC2]DVD(Only Limited Edition)
LIVE「Kyary Pamyu Pamyu –Secret Powder Room」
M2.Mondai Girl
M3.Cherry Bonbon
M4.do do pi do

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