KPP 2014 JAPAN ARENA TOUR Kyary Pamyu Pamyu`s Colourful Panic Toy Box

2015.6.10 RELEASE!!
WPBL-90342/3 ¥6,000+tax (2 DVD discs)
※The first press limited edition will feature digipack packaging as well as a limited edition photo book.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s first arena tour will be released on DVD and Blu-ray! Featuring the last leg of the tour, which took place at Yoyogi Taiikukan, the KPP 2014 JAPAN ARENA TOUR Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Colourful Panic Toy Box will offer fans a backstage pass as well as a front row seat at the J-pop princess’s 2014 tour that drew more than 90,000 people nationwide!

With the concept of returning to Kyary’s musical roots, the show recreated the singer’s signature colourful worldview that resembles her early days. The DVD also contains the memorable encore where Kyary promised fans that she would continue creating new fantasies. The bonus DVD comes with the London leg of Kyary’s world tour as well as a tour documentary to give fans an insight to Kyary’s personal life.

Both discs come with audio commentaries by Kyary. This new live DVD takes viewers of all ages on an exciting journey of Kyary’s jam-packed 2014 Japan and world tours!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Colourful Panic Toy Box at Yoyogi Taiikukan
The DVD includes:
23 songs performed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at Yotogi Taiikukan on Nov. 9, 2014
Audio commentaries by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Sebastian Masuda, who designed the incredible set for the concert.
<Track List>
01 Mottai-Nightland
02 Kyary ANAN
03 Cherry Bonbon
04 Sukisugite Kiresou
05 jelly
06 Super Scooter Happy
07 Kimini 100 Percent
09 Ring a Bell
10 Tsukema Tsukeru
11 Oyasumi
12 Serious Hitomi
13 Fashion Monster
14 Ninja Re Bang Bang
15 Invader Invader
16 Mi
17 Kira Kira Killer
18 Minna No Uta
19 Tokyo Highway
20 Family Party -album mix-
21 Explorer
23 Chan Chaka Chan Chan

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in London at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and a documentary
The DVD includes:
The London leg of NANDA COLLECTION WORLD TOUR 2014 + a documentary footage (90 mins.)
Kyary’s interview with Seita Yamagishi, the director of the documentary about the singer’s world tour.
<Track List>
1 Nanda Collection
2 Invader Invader
3 Mi
4 Family Party
5 Documentary I - KPP in Paris 2014.04.24
6 Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
7 Mottai-Nightland
8 Super Scooter Happy
9 Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring
10 Saigono Ice Cream
11 Tsukema Tsukeru
12 Documentary II - KPP in Cologne 2014.04.26
13 Kyary no March
14 Cherry Bonbon
16 Fashion Monster
17 Documentary III - KPP in London 2014.04.29-30
19 Chan Chaka Chan Chan